Things to Consider Before Buying a Domain Name

Things to consider before buying a domain name

The world of blogging can be overwhelming with the intricacies it comes with. The most troublesome part is making decisions about a domain name and selecting a web hosting service.

The domain name is one most essential aspects of blogging. It can also be called the nucleus of blogging because it is through the domain name that the visitors will be able to reach your website easily.

The domain name is essentially the brand name of your website, you simply cannot go wrong with it. However, picking a domain name can be tricky. Nonetheless, if you know what to look for, you will be just fine.

Certain factors need to be considered before buying a domain name, as these factors have a massive impact on what entails the domain name you choose, and from whom. Once you have familiarized yourself with these points, your blogging experience will skyrocket and you will enjoy the exhilarating life of a blogger.

3 Factors to consider before buying a Domain Name 

  • Availability: You would perhaps be inclined to go for “.com” TLD, which most of us strive to get. However, most of them are already taken. Coming up with a unique domain name can be a head-scratcher. But you could get just the right name if you know what to look for. Think of it this way, your domain name should be a part of your branding strategy. It should be compelling, yet, it should not deviate from what the website actually stands for.

The one trick to get around the TLD is, using location specific domain name. This can come in handy if the traditional .com is unavailable.

For example, if your company is based in the United States, using “” can come in handy. It is specific and also, it is a prominent domain extension.

If all else fails, you can save some pocket money and pay for a unique domain name that is easy to understand and is also catchy. However, unique domain names can be an expensive option in the long-run. So, you’d need to put in your brains the most optimum way and come up with a quintessential domain name.

A perfect domain name can win you ample visitors. Ensure that your domain name is unique and is not even remotely close to any other domain name, to avoid confusion for potential visitors. A few tips that you can consider before buying a domain name has been discussed further in this article.

  • Domain Cost: Domain names can be expensive. This could be troublesome if you have just started out as a blogger and don’t have the money to invest in the blog. However, if you invest in a domain name right from the onset of your blog, you would be able to monetize your blog quickly.

The domain name of a blog has several benefits including, consummate ownership of the web property, gaining a unique identification, and foremostly, mustering credibility on the world wide web. Therefore, it is advised to garner some funds and look for a perfect domain plan.

The TLDs can be expensive because it has a substantial value attached to it. Thus, you could go for a cheaper option that fits your budget just fine. As soon as you begin earning money from your blog, you could then invest the big bucks and come up with a quality domain name. But beware of the beginner’s price listings that a lot of domain providing websites put out.

At times, the price listings you see while you purchase a domain name for the first time might be discounted. You could call it a discounted trial period offered by the company. However, after the expiry of this trial period, they will begin charging you the real amount. Therefore, check what the real price of the domain name is and make further decisions as per that. 

  • Credibility: Ask some questions before binding a relationship with a domain name provider. Is it authentic? Is it reputed? Have people left good reviews about it? Do they have any hidden agenda? Is the safety protocol mentioned? In a nutshell, is it credible? If a provider has garnered a wide array of affiliate marketers, you can put your worries at ease and purchase their plan.

3 Tips Before you Buy a Domain Name

Keep it simple:

Complex domain names will put anybody off. If I had to spend more than 10 seconds comprehending the name of a website, rest assured, they will not get visited by me ever again. This is what most people do. An ideal domain name has to be communicable and comprehendible.

Numbers and frequent special characters make a domain intricate, and you would perhaps lose many potential visitors if you try to think out of the box. You may incur various creative ideas about domain names in your head, but try to funnel them in terms of simplicity.

If you are a blogger who pens down personal thoughts and quotes, something along the lines of “” will ring better to the viewers.

It is simple to write, simple to speak and it conveys the core idea of what your blog is about. However, such easy domain names would perhaps be taken.

This is where you could be creative and sophisticated. Moreover, avoid using homophones. Homophones are those words that have different spellings and meanings but the same pronunciation.

For instance, “Dual” and “Duel” are two words with different meanings but precisely the same pronunciations. Homophones can lead a person to misunderstand your domain name.

Subsequently, they will find themselves at a loss when they are trying to search for your site on the world wide web.

Keep it classy:

The use of slang and pop culture references can drive your visitors away and keep the traffic minimal. While slangs may appeal to the millennium generation, in the long run, you will find yourself at a considerable loss.

Furthermore, if you decide to expand your blog’s niche and invite more sets of the audience, your domain name could restrict the expansion. Therefore, it is essential to keep the domain name classy.

The website’s address should be relatable and appealing to all kinds of people, whether young or old. It should be all-encompassing.

An all-encompassing domain name will entice more people and myriad kinds of audiences to visit your website. Consequently, your website’s traffic will skyrocket.

Avoid Hyphens and Numbers:

Hyphens are an excellent way of letting people know that the long word in your domain name is actually two separate words.

People usually take a glance at a website’s name and then leave it to their thinking to decipher what they briefly read.

If the website name is cluttered with words and is difficult to understand, they might not bother to remember it at all.

Most bloggers would be inclined to use hyphens to make the name more understandable. But this could be a mistake.

The hyphenated words could slip from the memory of a potential visitor and they could end up at a completely different site. Perhaps they will confuse somebody else’s site to be yours.

To avoid this problem of misidentification, it is vehemently advised to avoid the use of hyphens. Invest some creativity and come up with the name that expels the essence of your blog. The same is the case with numbers.

Numbers and special characters could lead to the case of misidentification as we discussed before. At times, people can fail to register numbers and characters while they hear the name of the website.

Would you have visited Nike’s site if it said “”? No? Sounds too complicated? Well, you would have visited Nike’s website anyway because its Nike. But you are not selling branded sports shoes on your website. So, keep it simple yet creative, and you will be just fine!


Purchasing a domain name is a massive milestone for a blogger. It is the first link between you and your visitors, so you simply cannot go wrong with a domain name. Picking a domain name that is both catchy and available can be some real work. The internet is full of blogs and websites and naturally, most TLDs have been utilized. However, all is not lost. If enough creativity and resources are invested, you can come with a domain name that can generate large traffic and funds. In this article, all the factors that you need to consider before buying a domain name have been discussed. Happy Blogging!

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