How to Select Best Web Hosting For Your New Blog in 2021

Starting a new blog can be overwhelming. There are ample decisions to be made in regards to your Domain name, the content management service, and fore mostly, choosing best web hosting service for your website.

Many beginner bloggers undermine the significance of hosting service, and I am saying this from personal experience. However, the web hosting service you choose for your site plays a massive role in how your website succeeds on the world wide web.

At times, you will find yourself completely perplexed when you embrace the world of blogging and all the intricacies it offers. Been there, done that. But as you gradually put your feet in the water, you will get accustomed to the exhilarating life of a blogger.

The one key thing which requires your focus BEFORE who incept your blog is choosing a web hosting service.

Now, you may be tempted to opt for a free hosting service because well, it’s free. However, you will soon realize the limitations of a free hosting service.

In this article, we will discuss 3 factors that you need to consider whilst choosing a web hosting service for your new blog. These factors at a glance are;

  • Cost
  • Dependability
  • Security

3 Factors to Consider while Choosing a Web Hosting for your New Blog


The internet is home to a myriad web hosting services. Some of these offer free services while some charge you a substantial amount of money.

As a beginner, you will be inclined to go for free web hosting services such as WordPress and

Indeed, if you have just started as a blogger and don’t have the money to invest in a blog, a free web hosting service seems like an enticing option. This could be an ideal course if you are a recreational blogger.

However, if you wish to establish yourself as a professional blogger, you need to opt for paid web hosting services.

There are various advantages of choosing a paid web hosting service as opposed to a free one. For one, you will be in complete control of your website. This means, you could choose the template of your website, the media, the themes, and even the plugins.

In a free web hosting service, on the contrary, your website will be in partial control of the hosting provider. They could take your posts or media down as and when they wish, and you cannot complain.

Moreover, multiple ads of the choice of the hosting provider will appear on your website and you will not be able to remove them. Such ads could drive your viewers away and increase your website’s bounce rate.

In addition to this, if you opt for a free hosting service, you will not be able to monetize from blogging in the most optimum way. This is by far, is the worst drawback of using a free web hosting service.

To summarize, if you wish to succeed as a blogger, it is advised to purchase a monthly or annual plan of web hosting from a prominent site.

Most web hosting services have plenty of plans available to choose from. These plans are defined by the storage and space it renders.

For example, Bluehost is a prominent site that offers a basic plan which can render storage space of 50 GB. Similarly, Hostinger , A2Hosting, Greengeeks, Siteground , Wpengine are leading Web hosting service providers. We will cover more information about them in our upcoming articles.

The kind of blogger you are will determine the plan you need to go for. If you are a writer and wish to pen down your thoughts and endeavors on your website, then it is advised to purchase the basic plan from a web hosting company .

On the other hand, if your blog will include various kinds of media and long videos, then it is advised to go for a premium plan. It could prove to be a little expensive, but you will have plenty of space to showcase your work.

Compressed media such as images and videos will aid you in keeping up with your storage space. Should the need for more space arises, you could always upgrade your plan.

By this time, you are likely to begin earning money from your blog, thus, a portion of it could be invested in your blog to enhance its features. May be you could update your hosting to Managed WordPress , which is way better than Shared hosting.


The uptime of your website depends upon the uptime of the hosting provider’s server. If the uptime of the hosting provider is low, your website would not function most of the time. This could tarnish the image of your website.

Not to mention, Google crawlers that frequently crawl all the websites on the internet would not crawl your website. This could have a damaging impact on your search engine rankings, regardless of the quality of your content or the SEO.

Therefore, thorough research needs to be conducted on the uptime score of various hosting provider. This score will define the amount of time when the server of the hosting prover is functioning seamlessly. Hosting providers with a score between 95%-99% are considered to be dependable.

The optimum uptime score of the provider will ensure that the content of your website is visible to all the viewers and the bots can crawl your site to rank you on search engines, such as Google. The information on the uptime of various web hosting companies can be gathered from the internet.

Safety and Security:

Security is a facet with which none of our willing to compromise. The same is the case with your viewers. When we talk about safety and security, two things need to be considered, the safety of the blogger and the safety of the viewer.

A hosting company can ensure the safety of the blogger when their website is not prone to hacking. Hacking can lead to manipulation of the data and increased downtime. Moreover, hacking could introduce a virus to your website, which could deteriorate your site.

Therefore, the security guidelines and protocol of the web hosting provider needs to be thoroughly researched before choosing a web hosting company for your site. Ensure that the information the viewers provide on your website is safe and their passwords are encrypted.

A lot of reputed hosting service render Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certification. This certification is essential for security reasons. SSL is a networking protocol that is used to establish a secure link between web clients and web servers over the internet.

Using this technology, all the data that is provided by the viewer of your website becomes encrypted and their personal data such as name, number, email address, or IP address remains secure.

Websites that have gained the SSL certificate have an extra ‘s’ in the ‘http://’ of their website’s URL. This indicates that any data you provide to the website is encrypted and secure. Therefore, it is essential to gain the SSL certification from the web hosting company you choose.


Choosing an ideal home for the media of your website is an essential task. The web Hosting company provides precisely that home, wherein, all your images, videos, and other media are stored securely.

While various hosting companies might render this service for free, always weigh your options smartly. If your blog is just for recreational purposes, then you might opt for the free option, rendered by WordPress and

However, if blogging is a part of your long-term business plan or your central profession, then it is advised to invest in a quintessential hosting company that can offer you various other features, including plugins. This way, you will have total control of your website, you will be more visible on the internet, you will garner more attention and most notably, you will earn substantial amount of money.

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