How to Host your own Website from home or office with a hosting provider? A Step-by-Step Guide

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The cognizance about web-hosting is an integral aspect of building a website. All the websites that you view online have a permanent house wherein, the media and the content of the site are stored. This is called a web server.

A web server is a storage space where all the content of a website is stored securely for an indefinite period of time. The storage space on the web server is provided by a web hosting company.

Investing in best web hosting services ensures that you kiss the new heights of success while developing a website. The hosting provider equips you with all the necessary arsenal you’d need to establish yourself on the world wide web.

Therefore, it is essential to contemplate your steps with care. Mustering knowledge about all the aspects of web hosting will go a long way.

Which is Better? Using a web Hosting Provider or Hosting a Website Locally.

Using the services of a web hosting company is vastly contrasting to hosting a website locally. When you use the services of a web hosting provider, you are given the privilege of storing your site’s media, pages, documents, and overall content on an online server. You are essentially storing your website right on the internet.

The web-hosting services are rendered by specialized companies such as Bluehost, Hostinger, SiteGround, A2hosting, and hundreds of more such websites. These websites charge you a subscription fee on a monthly or yearly basis and in return, give you online storage to store your website’s content.

Hosting a website locally stands in contrast to using a web hosting provider. When you host a website locally, you essentially store your website’s content on your own computer and not on an online server. Now comes the point where we distinguish between the web hosting provider and localhost in terms of which option is better.

The local host can offer many advantages including monetary benefits as you do not have to pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee, and most prominently, security.

Since the content of your site is on a web server, it is not vulnerable to hacking, which is a widely prevalent phenomenon on the internet. However, despite these benefits, web hosting provider triumphs over localhost.

Web hosting is a powerful tool to get your website published on the world wide web and receive tremendous traffic. Moreover, certain web hosting services provide ample perks.

Localhosts are primarily used for testing the efficacy of the website’s programs and thus, it can only be viewed by the developer himself. In the long-run, using a web hosting service is your best bet at watching your website become successful on the internet.

How to Choose the best Web hosting?

Choosing the web hosting provider for your website can be a little tricky. It can make the deal or break it. Subsequently, adequate contemplation should be invested while choosing a service provider. If you find yourself completely in dark as to what factors to consider whilst choosing a hosting company, I have narrowed down the vast list of factors into 9 points.

Uptime of Hosting:

The uptime of a hosting company is defined by the amount of time their online server remains operational. It indicates the efficiency of a web hosting company and informs how long do a company’s servers are up and running.

Hosting providers with high uptime tend to have operational servers for a longer period of time, benefitting the websites that are receiving their services. This indicator is generally calculated in percentage.

Web hosting companies whose uptime lands between 95% to 99% are considered to be an optimum choice. Therefore, while choosing your web hosting provider, research about their uptime and invest in the companies that maintain a good track record.


Speed is the measurement of how long it takes for the pages of your website to load. This includes the time it takes for the texts and images to appear on the site. Studies have shown that 40% of visitors bounce back from your site if it does not load in 3 seconds.

Furthermore, research conducted by Google suggested that 90% of the users leave a website if it takes longer than 5 seconds for it to load. So, you see how significant speed is to a user? The loading speed of your website is impacted majorly by your hosting providers.

Many plans of hosting companies offer storage in Solid State Drives, which is more effective than the storage in Hard Disk Drive. Therefore, check out a plan that offers SSDs for effective speed.


When you buy storage from a web hosting company, you’d be expected to pay a fixed amount each month as a subscription fee. You could call it rent that people pay for home space. Since this amount will be paid each month, you need to plan your investments accordingly.

If you are a complete beginner, you should go for the basic plans that hosting companies offer. In the basic plan, a certain amount of space will be allotted to you on the server. For example, Bluehost offers a space of 50 GB in their basic plan.

Customer Support:

Best business companies are identified by their policies on customer support. The experience of using a web hosting company could deteriorate if you do not get adequate customer support from the company.

When you set out to begin developing your website, you will encounter many errors and incur various queries in your mind. Such queries can only be resolved by the web hosting company itself.

Thus, it needs to be ensured that the customer support team is equipped with the adeptness, knowledge, and experience to address your queries professionally. Moreover, the response time of the company’s customer support is also a significant factor.

Ensure that they have all the necessary contact details uploaded on their official site, including email address, phone number and the official address. The response through email could take a long time. Therefore, ensure that the company has a functional phone number that you could always use to contact them. The average response time of a web hosting company’s customer service is 10 minutes. You could use this as the benchmark and choose the ideal company for your website.

Storage Capacity:

The storage capacity that your website will be allotted depends upon the plan that you choose. A lot of companies provide unlimited disk space for the websites. However, there are certain drawbacks to having too much data in the allotted storage. We will discuss this drawback in the next point.

The storage plan you should go for largely depends upon the content you will be adding to your site. If the content is largely composed of texts, documents, emails, and pages, 50 Gb space will suffice. However, content composed of large images, videos, and movies will require a much larger space.

The Plus Plan of Bluehost provides unlimited disk space. The same is the case with the Hatchling plan by HostGator, and the Ecosite starter plan by GreenGeeks.

If you have purchased the basic plan from a company due to a tight budget, you can upgrade from the basic plan to the premium plan anytime you wish. As soon as you begin earning a substantial amount of money from blogging, you could invest some of it into your hosting plan and get premium services from the hosting company.


Bandwidth is defined as the amount of data that a website can transfer to the visitors of the website in a certain period of time. Remember that I mentioned that there is a drawback to unlimited storage rendered by a company? The bandwidth is that drawback.

While you may upload a large number of files on the server of your website, owing to the limited bandwidth, only some of it will reach the users of your website. Imagine a picture of two tubes, one big and one small. If you want to transport some water through those tubes, the big one will transfer the water quicker than the small one. This illustrates the concept of bandwidth.

More bandwidth allows an easy and quick flow of data from the server to the users. Therefore, whilst buying the services of a hosting company, both the storage space and bandwidth need to be considered.


Security is a vital aspect of blogging, both for the blogger and the visitors. If your website is prone to hacking owing to the poor security of the hosting company, your website’s data could be manipulated and the downtime of the site could increase significantly.

Therefore, it is vital to research the security guidelines and protocols of the company before investing in them. Ensure that all the data that the visitors give on your website is encrypted and secure to avoid manipulation and encroachment of privacy.


A website backup is a copy of all the essential data of your website. Backing up your website is essential because you could lose years of your hard work in a matter of seconds due to some unfortunate circumstances. Therefore, backing the data ensures the continuance of its existence perpetually.

When you look through the plan provided by the hosting companies, notice how much backup do they render and how frequently is your data backed up. Such information would render priceless whilst choosing the ideal hosting provider for your website.

SSL Certificate:

Secure Sockets Layer certificate is a document that a hosting company provides to its websites.  When you get this certificate, you will earn an extra ‘s’ in the ‘http://’ of your website’s URL. The ‘https://’ will indicate to your viewers that whatever personal information they provide on the website such as name, email address, phone number, and IP address remain secure and encrypted.

How to Host a Website using Control Panel?

Control Panel is a mass-management tool that makes the management of a website seamless and efficacious. Control panel is defined as a graphical user interface wherein, myriad of management tools are given to the website owner or developer for managing websites, hosting accounts, and even the online server.

Through the use of the control panel, you can conduct various web tasks such as account administration, database management, domain name system management, SSL certificate management, app installation management, and much more. To administer your website using a control panel, you need to purchase a plan from a web hosting company that renders the services of the control panel for efficient management.

Plesk is a renowned web hosting provider that offers the mass-management tool of control panel amongst other services. You could also do a test run with Plesk in the form of a discounted trial before you jump into any sort of commitment. After that, you will be charged $9.17 per month. Hosting a website using a control panel opens up an ocean of management opportunities, taking your website to new heights of success.

How to Host a Website Using an FTP Client?

The internet offers abundant opportunities to its users to make them visible on the world wide web. FTP or File transfer protocol happens to be quite a popular choice amongst website owners. File transfer protocol is a technique of uploading files and data for all the users on the internet to see.

To upload the files using the FTP technique, you would need a specialized program, which is also called an FPT Client. A lot of computers have a built-in FTP client. However, you could also get the FTP software from the internet, such as WinSCP, Cyberduck, and FileZilla. These are comparatively easier to use, as opposed to the built-in FTP client of computers. Next, you need to subscribe to a web hosting plan.

If you have already subscribed to a web hosting service, you can check if your hosting provider renders you FTP access. To avail the benefits of an FTP client, you need to be aware of your username, password, and your site’s URL. The FTP client will guide you through the protocol of uploading the files on their server. To upload the files on the internet through the FTP client, hold and drag the documents you want to upload when the client asks you to. Voila! You will have your files uploaded on the world wide web.

Best Hosting Providers for Small, Medium, and Large e-commerce sites

Using Shared hosting services to host your website is ideal if you have just started as a blogger. Foremostly, you will save a lot of money through this method. In shared hosting, multiple sites are hosted by a single server. This may limit your privileges and functions, however, if you are a beginner, you could the shared hosting for the initial period then move on to VPS or dedicated servers.

Here are the lists of some of the best shared hosting providers, VPS hosting providers, and dedicated server providers.

3 Best Shared Hosting Providers for Beginners



Hostinger is an acclaimed web-hosting provider that has garnered a lot of fans over the years. The best part about hostinger is, it provides a myriad of hosting features at a cost-friendly price. Moreover, you will get a free SSL certificate if you buy a plan from them. Under their basic plan, you will 10GB of SSD storage, 100 GB bandwidth, and 2 databases, and an SSL certificate. If you are a beginner, this is the prime spot to incept your blog.

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A2Hosting is an ideal hosting solution if you are on a tight budget. The basic plan can be bought for as low as $3, this price can vary according to the region where you reside. Under this, you can host 1 website and you will get about 100 GB of SSD storage.


Hostgator is the most pocket-friendly option you could find on the internet. With their basic plan, you will ample amenities as you set out to build your blogging empire. Under their basic plan, you will get 10GB of SSD storage, and Unlimited database, and a free SSL certificate. Please go through this Hostgator Web Hosting Review , to know complete information about Hostgator web hosting service.

3 Best VPS Hosting provider to host your website


Greengeeks is a fast and secure virtual private server provider. As the name suggests, GreenGeeks is an eco-friendly host that keeps its carbon-footprints at minimal, unlike many other providers. Greengeeks provides unlimited space and bandwidth, with free SSL and Cloudflare CDN. You can host about 1 domain with the basic plan which is Ecosite Lite. The price of the eco-site like it $9.95 per month.


Bluehost is a widely used web hosting service that provides an array of features for the consummate success of your website. Bluehost provides you with a free domain name for the 1st year of its service. Moreover, you also get a free SSL certificate and 24/7 customer support. You can access various marketing services and tools to boost the traffic of your website through Bluehost.

Bluehost Web Hosting Ultimate Review : For Complete information on Bluehost web hosting.


By buying a VPS plan from InMotion, you will be exposed to an ocean of web features that make web management easy. VPS plan of In-Motion, which starts at $49.99 per month, offers 6GB Ram, 150GB SSD storage, 5TB Bandwidth, and free SSLs for your website. Such a pool of features can boost the performance of your site multi-fold.

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3 Best dedicated server providers


SiteGround is an excellent platform to climb the ladder of website development. The startup dedicated plan of this platform will render you wish 10 GB of web space, unmetered traffic, free SSL, unlimited databases, and daily backup services. Their startup plan can be bought for $6.99 per month, with an easy opportunity to upgrade to premium plans.

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Liquid Web:

Liquid Web provides dedicated server hosting services to small and big web enterprises at pocket-friendly prices. Their basic plan begins at $169 per month that renders 16 GB RAM, 5 TB of bandwidth, 250 GB of Acronis Cyber Backups, and includes a control panel. The liquid web will take care of all your management needs and suggest optimum hosting solutions.


Apart from shared hosting and VPS hosting, A2Hosting also supports dedicated servers. Their dedicated plans begin from $95 and offer myriad services to enhance your web developing experience. You can choose a plan as per your budget and needs and set out to build your presence on the world wide web.


Developing a website is no child’s play. At one point or the other, you will need adequate help and assistance from a third-party. This article included everything you would need to know about web hosting in length and breadth. Moreover, certain suggestions about the ideal web hosting providers have also been made to give you a nudge in the right direction. These tips and tricks will keep you enlightened throughout the process of website building. Happy Blogging!

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