GreenGeeks Review 2021 : Best Web Hosting

If we’re speaking of good web hosting providers, it would be a crime to not mention GreenGeeks. It has been in the top charts ever since its inception. The reason is obvious; their commitment towards providing eco-friendly services.

With a minimum carbon-footprint, it didn’t take long for this platform to climb up the ranks and establish itself as a reliable hosting provider, trusted by millions of individuals and corporations.

Well, we don’t want you to take sides before we begin expounding on the features of this platform. Let’s take a look at what makes GreenGeeks good and what doesn’t!

What makes GreenGeeks Good Hosting ?

Reliable Uptime:

Most hosting providers are widely defined by their uptime performance. As a website developer, wouldn’t you prefer investing in a platform that keeps your site up and running at all times? Thought so! With an average uptime of 99.8%, this platform has done remarkably well in the reliability sector.

There are a handful of outages, but the duration of these isn’t long and neither is it frequent. When you compare their average uptime to other hosting providers, you’d realize that GreenGeeks has a clear edge!

Quick Loading:

Have you ever come across such a website that takes an awful lot of time to load? Yeah, those are not hosted by GreenGeeks.

This platform ensures that their pages load with a lightning speed of 251 ms, making it one of the fastest hosting providers out there. There are frequent bouts of slowing down, but eventually, this platform can be relied upon to render fast services.

In case you experience some kind of crash, you could consult the customer service of GreenGeeks and have your concerns addressed quickly.

Environment-friendly services:

GreenGeeks, as the name suggests, is committed to the green cause. It means, that this platform ensures leaving behind a minimum carbon footprint, making it possible to deliver eco-friendly services to the consumer.

Moreover, this platform has bought some wind energy credits, which compensates for the energy they exhaust to manage the websites. They have done much work over the years to guarantee effective services without compromising the health of the environment. So much so, GreenGeeks is now an active partner with the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

30-days money-back guarantee:

While GreenGeeks guarantees effective and satisfactory services, it still backs you even if you decide to part ways with this hosting provider. In the spirit of this, the hosting provider has a policy of 30-day money back.

If you believe that this is not the ideal platform for you, you could part ways with it and get a refund on the plan. However, certain things are not included in this refund policy. You could read about such exceptions on their official website.

Certain free services:

GreenGeeks has a provision of certain free services that makes it an enticing option. For example, with this platform, you could get a free Content Delivery Network, free SSL certificate, and free email accounts with certain plans. The CDN of GreenGeeks is powered by Cloudflare, allowing you to enjoy the perks of Cloudflare, which are plenty!

What Makes GreenGeeks Web Hosting not so good?

Shady Money-back policy:

GreenGeeks, like most other hosting services, provide the policy of 30-day money back. However, there are certain clauses that make us question the policy altogether.

While you could get the money back for the general plan, there might be some domain name registration deduction. This amount could be hefty. Thus, before you invest your money in their plans, do familiarize yourself with their terms and conditions.

Additional setup fee for monthly payment:

At GreenGeeks, you could either pay the subscription fee on monthly basis, or yearly basis, or more. But here’s the catch. If you choose to bill monthly, for security reasons, you are charged $15 set up, shooting up your total expenditure on their plans.

However, if you choose to pay yearly, you are not to pay any such fee. Thus, this could disadvantage certain people who do not wish to pay the yearly fee upfront.

GreenGeeks Web Hosting Pricing & Plans

GreenGeeks Shared Web Hosting

Greengeeks hosting

Lite : [ Best Budget Hosting ]

Pro :

  • Pricing : 4.95$ per month
  • Can host unlimited websites
  • Free SSL Certificate & Free Domain for 1 year
  • Free CDN included
  • Unlimited Email Accounts

Premium :

  • Comes for a Special Price : 8.95$ per month
  • Free CDN, Free SSL Certificate & Free Domain Name
  • Host Unlimited Websites
  • 4X performance compared to Lite & Pro Plans
  • Can expect Unlimited Web Space
  • Unlimited Email Accounts

GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting

Greengeeks WordPress Hosting is available in 3 Plans i.e. LITE, PRO & PREMIUM. Pricing & Plans are very much similar to Shared Hosting. With GreenGeeks you can expect fast, secured & Managed WordPress hosting for your new or existing blog.

GreenGeeks VPS Hosting Plans & Pricing

Greengeeks vps hosting

VPS hosting is available in 3 different prices i.e.

  • 2GB VPS Hosting comes at the price of 39.95$ per month.
  • 4GB VPS Hosting is available at 59.95$ per month and it is the most recommended & best selling VPS hosting.
  • High Powered 8GB Managed VPS Hosting starts at 109.95$ per month.

GreenGeeks Reseller Hosting

Greengeeks reseller hosting

Reseller Hosting is available in 3 different prices with separate features.

RH-25 plan is available at 19.95$ per month which is very much affordable . With this plan you will get Free SSL Certificate & 25 cPanel Accounts.

RH-50 is best reseller plan on Greengeeks and its price is 24.95$ per month. With this plan you can expect 800 GB Transfer, 50 cPanel Accounts & free SSL Certificate.

RH-80 is Powerful Reseller Plan and is available at high price compares to RH-25 & RH-50 Plans. 1600 GB Transfer, 80 cPanel Accounts & Free SSL Certificate are included in the plan.

Is GreenGeeks worth it?

Yes, GreenGeeks is totally worth your money. They provide effective and scalable services whilst keeping the requirements of the environment in mind. Moreover, they have been accredited by various individuals and businesses alike for rendering cost-friendly services. With good uptime, performance, customer support, and scalable operations, this platform has become a top name on our list.

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