BlueHost Web Hosting Review 2021

BlueHost Review : BlueHost sure has a strong marketing team. You might know this name for its exceptional advertising skills. But then it makes you wonder. Is it any good? Is Bluehost as good as it claims themselves to be?

Well, to answer such questions, we thought of investing in their plans and see for ourselves what makes this hosting provider a veteran of the industry. The results were favorable with just a few exceptions. We discussed what makes this hosting provider good and things that make it not so good. Sit tight, Guys. This is going to be a long one.

What Makes Bluehost Hosting Good? [ Pros ]

Bluehost is one of the biggest Cheap & best web hosting providers in the world and for a good reason. It offers a plethora of features that you would find abundantly useful once you get down to using it.

  • All kinds of hosting:

Bluehost started its operation pretty early, sometime back in 1996. Naturally, it had much time, much more than its competitors, to become the best and most wide-ranged in the market.

Now, there is not even is a single kind of hosting that Bluehost doesn’t provide! Whether it’s shared hosting, VPS, dedicated hosting, WordPress hosting, or cloud hosting, Bluehost has got all kinds of plans up its sleeves! The best part is, their plans are also affordable.

You could be an individual blogger, a beginner at that, or even a massive organization, Bluehost will take care of all your needs!

  • Affordable:

While the general prices of the Bluehost plans are cheap at it is, the first-timers would get exponential discounts on already inexpensive price tags. Thus, newbies could try and test the features of this provider without having to invest a cartload of money.

  • Brilliant Uptime:

Uptime is a crucial aspect of hosting, even the fundamental one. If it has low uptime, it’s simply not worth the money. But where does Bluehost stand in this credential? Yup, they’re off the charts! With an uptime of 99.96%, it has topped the list of hosting providers with the best uptime.

Thus, with Bluehost, you will have your website up and running at all times. Google could also crawl your site with ease and give you a high-ranking on the SERP.

  • Unlimited Bandwidth:

While regular hosting providers promise you unlimited storage, they often forget to tell you the catch. The limited bandwidth.

Bandwidth is what allows the visitors to visit your site. Low bandwidth means less traffic and vice-versa. But Bluehost, my friend, offers unlimited bandwidth. This ensures that your site does not take a hit when the number of victors increases. Regardless of the density of the traffic, you would have your site up and running efficiently!

What Makes Bluehost Not So Good [ Cons ]

Every good thing has something bad in it. Bluehost too is not without its fair share of disadvantages.

  • Only available for U.S audience:

If you’re looking for an option that provides services on a worldwide scale, you’d be much disappointed with this hosting provider. Bluehost only has U.S servers. This means, your website will only run well for the people in the U.S. In the case of other countries, the system may not work at all, or may only function with minimalist operations. Thus, for large-scale geographical operations, you might want to look elsewhere.

  • Does not have the best customer service out there:

If you have just set out your journey with a hosting service, you will incur many questions and commit many errors along the way. Hence, you need to ask yourself, is this hosting provider going to have my back at the time of dire need? In the case of Bluehost, the answer is no.

The customer support of this hosting provider is erratic, to say the least. Not that we’re saying it is unresponsive. Let’s just say, if your head on the spike and you need some help soon, Bluehost may or may not come to your help.

Therefore, newbie bloggers may face some issues with the customer support of this provider.

So Bluehost Web Hosting is good or bad?

If we had to rate Bluehost between good and bad, we’d definitely choose the good. While it may not offer ALL the services that its advertisement promise, it manages to do way better than its competitors in the market and at an affordable rate.

Whether you’re an experienced blogger or a rookie, you’d be able to reap the benefits of the hosting provider in one way or the other. You might have to compromise with certain features, but what service doesn’t come with its fair share of baggage? So, we good?

BlueHost Hosting Plans & Pricing

BlueHost Shared Web Hosting Plans & Price

Bluehost Shared hosting plan

BlueHost offers fast & secured shared Web hosting under various Plans like Basic, Plus, Choice Plus & Pro. If you opt for annual plan you can get decent discount on hosting charges and if opt for 24 months or 36 months you can expect best discount.

BASIC Plan :

  • Price : $ 5.95 [ Annual Plan ]
  • You can host only 1 website
  • 50GB SSD Storage
  • 1 Free Domain
  • Free SSL Certificate included
  • Free CDN


  • Price Starts at $ 7.95 per month [ if Paid Annually]
  • You can host Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited SSD Storage
  • Free Office 365 for 30 Days
  • Free Domain Name for 1 Year
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free CDN


  • Price starts at $ 8.95 per month [ Annual Billing ]
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited SSD Storage
  • Free Domain name : 1 Year
  • Free SSL Certificate is included in the Hosting Plan
  • Free CDN Comes with the shared hosting plan
  • Free Automated Backup for 1 year
  • Free Domain Privacy
  • Free Office 365 for 30 Days


  • Price : 16.95$ per Month [ billed Annually ]
  • You can Host Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited SSD Storage
  • Free Dedicated IP
  • Free Domain Name & Domain Privacy
  • Free CDN & SSL Certificate included
  • Free Automated Backup for 1 Year

BlueHost Dedicated Hosting Plans & Pricing

bluehost dedicated hosting





Bluehost has been in the game since 1996. Naturally, it would have developed itself enough to fit the needs of the current market. Despite being a total game, Bluehost surprisingly doesn’t charge as much. Considering the wide-ranging features, the high-uptime, the sheer reliability, and high-performance standards, Bluehost is a total bargain and this is not up for debate! Once you try the excellent feature of this product, you’d realize what we’re talking about and why exactly we’re stanning this platform!

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