10 Best Tools to Generate Blog Post Ideas in 2021

Writer’s block is something the best of us are familiar with. There is always that one time when our thinking machine faces a malfunction and we cannot come up with new blog ideas. Thankfully, the gods of the internet bless us yet again! We can now find plenty of tools on the internet that can quickly generate blog post ideas by punching in just a few keywords. Pretty nifty, isn’t it? Here are 10 of the best tools to generate blog post ideas and take your blog to new heights of success!

Best tools to Generate Unlimited Unique Blog Post Ideas

Hubspot Blog Post Generator Tool

Hubspot Blog post ideas generator tool

    It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or an experienced blogger, chances are that you’ve been in a situation when you cannot think of anything to write about.

The HubSpot topic generator is probably the most popular and easy to use tool that helps you with this block. All you have to do is, put three nouns in the search box and it will do the rest.

You will get five unique blog ideas related to your keywords. If you are looking for something specific, you can try different combinations of words to get your desired results. It may not generate a set of ideas but it will surely give you something to start working on.


Quora Content idea generator

Quora has become a go-to website for people searching for answers even for the most bizarre questions.

From technical to fun, you will possibly find your pick in the lot. Not only does quora help you with finding the most commonly asked questions, but it also beneficial for directing traffic to your site if you actively answer your topic related questions.

Enter a phrase or a question related to your niche and you will find what people are interested in the most and what do they find engaging.


answer the public

It is a website that will not only give you ideas for a topic but also break down the results into various segments to simplify your research.

For Suppose, I am looking for information about a keyword or topic ” Blog”..

I will type the word “Blog” and hit on the search button. With in few seconds every query related to “blog” would appear on your device screen.

Queries like “How blog helps the students”, “Which blog platform is best”, “Are blog & Vlog the same”, ” Which is the best hosting for new blog ? ” are few to mention here. Below image explains you what people are asking for about a blog.


It compartmentalizes the information under various subheadings so that you can find your preference. Answer the Public is an excellent source that will get you up to date with the trending information.

It shows the commonly searched questions and almost everything on the internet related to your searched keyword. You just have to enter the keyword or phrase in the search box and you will get plenty of results that make sure that you do not face writer’s block again.

You can organize your entire upload schedule based on the search trends on this website.

Tweekyourbiz.com Title Generator

Tweekyourbiz blog post generator

With just one word or phrase, tweek your biz will generate a plethora of suggested titles for your blog spot.

You may use the suggestions as such or study a few and come up with your own. The results are SEO friendly and definitely increase traffic to your page as the titles are catchy and in sync with the current drift.

Here again, the ideas are categorized as questions, secrets, business, and motivation, etc.  Even if you have a vague idea of what you want to write about and are not good with the headings this tool will provide you with more than a few ideas to work on.

Moz Keyword Explorer

moz keyword explorer

Moz is similar to other generator tools for giving blog post ideas but gets an edge due to the fact that it gives a proper analytic study of the topic.

It provides free SEO tools to narrow down your research to the most relevant subject. Even though it’s a paid service, the free version is also quite handy.

It comes with a comprehensive and detailed analysis and useful suggestions. You can study the monthly volume, Organic CTR, priority for your subject matter.

Not only this, but you can check out the pages and URLS that mention your keyword or hashtags. Needless to say, Moz is a favorite among users.

Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Portent Title generator

When you need some unique and interesting suggestions for your post and require out of the box ideas, this is the generator for you. You can enter any random word or phrase and you are bound to get a suggestion you will want to write about.

Now even though you get just one recommendation at a time, you can refresh to get more options or you can always alter the word to play around with the theme.

The suggestions are divided into four parts with the keyword in one of them and each of the parts has an explanation for being used. It is a wonderful tool for when you want to quirk things up a bit and test your creative boundaries because well, there aren’t any!


buzzsumo content idea generator

Buzzsumo has the largest library of social engagement data information on the internet and it is one click away.

The word search provides content with detailed analysis and lists everywhere it was mentioned within the time frame selected. You can sort the data by your priority and it has many options like engagement, reactions, and shares across platforms like Twitter or Facebook to choose from.

This option comes in handy if you are targeting a preferred audience from a particular niche. The results can be filtered to fit the format preferred by the target audience.

The data trends can be compared with previous years’ contents as well. Some of its unique features include searching by domain to track a competitor’s content to help with competitive benchmarking.



UberSuggest has a huge index of content ideas for your blog that take into consideration a number of factors like popularity and audience engagement.

You get an SEO overview and domain scores with so much more information that helps you plan your blog in the most effective way possible.

It also offers more keywords related to the one you searched and the ones that are more likely to be of interest to the viewers. Undeniably Ubersuggest is one of the best keyword research tool similar to Semursh, ahrefs etc.

Ubersuggest helps you monitor a competitor’s strategy to get insight into what works for them and get an edge over them. It gives a word to word report that lists what earned them organic traffic and also recommends what might work for you.

Contentrow Headline Generator

Contentrow headline generator

This online title generator helps with headlines for blogs, videos, and clickbait too.

The content row has a very simple user interface whereby you just have to search a specific phrase or word and you get seven very worthwhile titles to explore.

You can filter topic search and categories to narrow down the research that fits your bill. It allows us to explore trending news related to the topic as well as the score of the individual title.

You can search up to three words each day with the free version which gets upgraded to unlimited with the PRO version.

SeoPressor Blog Title Generator

blog title generator

SEOPressor is also a widely used blog title generator to find a great new idea for a blog post. Simply enter the keyword you wish to find and specify the results by selecting the category from the drop-down menu and you are good to go.

You get suggestions for the searched title which you can refresh if do not find them useful.


Never let your thinking machine run out of fuel. If you face writer’s block, you could always turn up to these tools to muster good ideas for your blogs. Regardless of what you want to write about, these tools will have your back anytime to face a mental block!

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