9 Best Platforms to Create and Sell Online Courses 2021

Online Platforms to Create & sell courses

Ever since the COVID pandemic began to wreak havoc in the January of 2020, the world came to a standstill. Education, work, and other economic activities halted.

However, just when all hope was beginning to seem lost, online education was seen as a glimmer of hope for people seeking education. Students were allowed to resume their studies and training. Meanwhile, educators sought online platforms to render their services and continue teaching.

It was at this point various online learning management systems cropped up on the internet.

These are a few best-handpicked platforms to create and sell online courses. Whether you are a student a teacher or a trainer, you would find solace in these platforms due to their ease of use.

10 Best Online Course Platforms 2021


If there is anything that you’re good at, do not do it for free. Introducing, Teachable! Teachable is an online platform that pays you for being skilled in a field. Whether you are a math teacher, a physical trainer, a music instructor, or a life coach, Teachable furnishes you a platform to impart valuable knowledge about your field to passionate and curious students from all over the world.

With Teachable, you can create a course out of any of your skills and sell those online for large-scale access! This platform will then further sell those courses to students who are willing to learn your skills.


  • Link Your Website or Create One: You can link your existing website to Teachable under a personalized domain name.
  • Online Video Editor: The power editor provided by Teachable will allow you to create engaging and informative lecture videos for students worldwide.
  • Business Tools to manage videos: You will get all the tools to create and then market the videos to a larger audience.
  • Analytics Tool: With a figure tracker, you would be able to keep a constant track of sales and students’ insights in real-time.
  • Page Editor: Use the page-editor to make nifty videos and earn money doing the same!


  • The Basic Plan of Teachable costs $29 per month which includes all the base features of the platform.
  • The Pro Plan of Teachable costs $99 per month which includes all the features in the basic, plus, unlimited students, coaching product, 5-admin-level users, priority product, and advanced reports.
  • The Business Plan of Teachable costs $249 per month, which includes everything in Pro Plan, plus, 20-admin level users, manual student imports, bulk student enrollments d custom user roles.


If you want to build business out of your teaching skills, then Kajabi is your one-stop destination. Kajabi allows you to polish your expertise and sell the same to a vast array of students worldwide. It is an easy-to-use platform that invites the educators from different fields to create and sell online courses and make an abundance of money while doing that!

The platform furnishes you with a marketing website and email address and various other features that can enable you to not only create online courses but also market the same on a massive scale. What makes Kajabi so special? You asked for 1 reason, we will give you 5!


  • Create Website: You can create a website and house all your content on the Kajabi servers.
  • Manage Videos: Kajabi will be responsible for marketing your top-notch content and present your videos to unlimited students. You will get paid for what do best!
  • Get Free Pipelines: The platform offers comprehensive pipelines that make website management enormously simple!
  • Analytics Tool: Kajabi Analytics allows you to keep track of your growth. You can track your revenue, offers sold, subscription metrics, and much more using this comprehensive analytics tool. You will also be furnished with tips on how you can boost your performance!
  • Design your site: Kajabi allows you to pick themes, colors, and customize your website’s landing page will a comprehensive tool panel.


  • The Basic Plan of the website costs $119 per month which includes, 3 websites, 3 pipelines unlimited landing pages, unlimited marketing emails, 10K contacts, 1 website, 1 admin user 
  • The Growth Plan costs $159 per month and includes 15 products, 15 pipelines, 1 website and all the features of the basic plan.
  • The Pro Plan costs $319 per month and includes 100 products, 100 pipelines, 3 websites all the features of the growth plan


If you’re completely dense about how to create and sell online courses and make a business out of your skillset, Thinkific has got your back! With the perks of this platform, you bloom a thriving business out of your skillset by selling course videos online. Not only millions of students be able to learn from you, but you could earn tons of money right from the comfort of your couch. Name a better way to earn a living, I’ll wait!


  • Create a customize the courses of your choice as per your whims and fancies.
  • You could build a fancy website and design it to sell them online for a larger audience.
  • With thinkific, marketing and selling courses have become possible with a long cluster of business tools.
  • In case of reservations, you could try their 30-days free trial and decide for yourself whether or not the platform suits your needs.


  • The Free Plan of Thinkific costs $0 and the plan offers limited courses, unlimited students, quizzes and surveys, content hosting, and instant access to funds.
  • The Basic plan costs $39 and offers unlimited courses and students, email for students, drop content, affiliate reporting, custom domain, and Zapier triggers.
  •  The Basic Feature Plus costs $79 and offers 2 admin site accounts, 5-course admins, private and hidden courses, advanced course pricing options, certificate, advanced customization, and all the features of the basic plan.
  • The Premier Plan costs $399 and offers 15 groups analysts, 50 course admins, a single sign on, onboarding package, and all the features of the Basic Feature Plus.


Udemy has been labeled one of the world’s largest collections of courses for students in all fields. Whether you want to give lessons on Java, Web Development, business, personal development, marketing, IT and software, photography, or Sketching,

Udemy will provide you with a platform to flaunt your skills. If you’re an educator, you could make a large sum of money by creating and selling your courses online.


  • Wide-Ranging Courses: You could create and sell courses from myriad categories ranging from web, mobile, game development to entrepreneurship, Business analytics, digital marketing, graphic design, and illustration.
  • App support: Udemy is one of the few learning platforms that comes with its own easy to use the app. Creating and selling courses has never been easier.
  • Receive ratings and reviews to further your business: Students who watch your impeccable videos can leave ratings and reviews behind to encourage other people to watch your training videos. More students mean more revenue.
  • Brand building platforms: You could promote other products and services in your videos and further your brand name at Udemy.


Udemy alleviates from the general patterns of pricing. They have their unique structure of instructors’ fees and instructors’ payments. You can check


With various designs, templates, and tools to play with, create your beautiful website to create and sell online courses with LearnWorlds. This platform has been used by many competent educators ever since its inception.

The educators create effective and engaging training videos to earn money and impart knowledge to the vast audience of students. Here’s why LearnWorlds is the best website to create and sell online courses.


  • Customizable course: With LearnWorlds, you could create customizable training programs with ease of reading and note-taking features.
  • Interactive transcripts: With just a click of the button, you could show interactive transcripts to your viewers for a better understanding of the lesson. This will also facilitate your students in the note-making phase.
  • Efficient testing system: Create assignments, question banks, and tests after each lessor to examine the cognitive development of your students. Ensure that they’re one step ahead of the course.
  • Create eBooks, PDFs, YouTube videos, quizzes, certificates of completion, and slideshows to make your lessons more effective and earn money while doing the same.


  • The Starter plan costs $29 and offers 1 admin, custom domain, page builders, built-in community, 4 payment gateways, free SSL certificate, and much more.
  • The Pro Trainer plan costs $99 and offers 5 Admins, unlimited courses, a complete website builder with blog, installments, and all the features of the Starter Plan.
  • The Learning Center Plan costs $ 299 and offers 20 admins, bulk student upload, integration with API, interactive videos, advanced digital marketing, and all the features of the learning center.
  • For the prices of High Volume and Corporate, you may have to contact the officials of the website.


SkillShare provides a platform for skilled educators to impart their knowledge to the budding youth. The best part about this website is that, educators are not demanded a high fee for subscribing to their plans. Even with an abundance of features, the subscription plans of the platform are inexpensive. It makes creating and selling online courses easier than ever before. What makes SkillShare unique and an excellent investment? The wide-ranging features speak for themselves!


  • Provision of transcripts: interactive transcripts that provide a written form of class narration to the students.
  • Analytics tool: Keep track of your performance, revenue, and much more!
  • Business Tool: Create, edit, and re-edit your videos to make them appealing to the students.
  • My Class Page: Manage your account and website from one spot and always be one step ahead!


  • Basic Membership: Free of Cost!
  • Premium membership: $19 per month or $99 per year


Equipped with all the tools, features, and resources to allow adept educators to earn money, Podia is heaven on earth for teachers. With a comprehensive database and server, Podia is an easy-to-use platform to create and sell online courses. With the provision of countless unique features, Podia is used by myriad educators from different fields to impart knowledge and earn money.


  • All plans include unlimited hosting
  • Build a website with various pages including, the about page, contact page, and other pages of your choice
  • A total of 11 languages and 22 currencies to choose from.
  • Integrate your website with tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook pixel, and many more to keep track of your performance and revenue.
  • Easy migration and transfer to other websites or platforms
  • Provision of a 14-day free trial to take your site for a test drive!


  • Mover Plan: $39 per month
  • Shaker Plan: $79 per month


Learndash is one of the most prominent WordPress learning management system (LMS) plugin that facilitates educators to create and sell courses right from a WordPress site! Learndash is trusted by teachers from all across the world map and various platforms such as the University of Michigan, University of Florida, Yoast, Keep, Social Media Examiner, Tony Robbins, and much more! With an affordable subscription fee, Learndash becomes your one-stop destination to provide online courses!


  • Learndash focus mode ensures that your students learn the valuable lessor given by you in a distraction-free environment
  • Create your courses with a blink of an eye with the ‘Drag and Drop Course Builder” feature.
  • Test the knowledge of your students the advanced quiz creating systems of the platform.
  • Provision for a discussion forum for both students and teachers to discuss academic topics.
  • Track the performances of your students against one another through the system of the leaderboard.


  • Basic Plan: $199 (Price may vary according to the season)
  • Plus Plan: $229
  • Pro Package: $369


Managing a virtual classroom has never been easier before. WizIQ is a learning management wizard that connects skilled teachers and passionate students to establish a perfect learning relationship! With its comprehensive features and scalability, WizIQ becomes one of the best learning management systems out there! If you’re an educator, you might want to give this platform a short to make plenty of money out of your skillset. WizIQ makes education simple, affordable, and accessible.


  • The virtual classroom feature of the website allows you to conduct online video conferencing and whiteboard to give effective lessons in real-time
  • Create and upload videos of valuable lessons and sell those on WizIQ is the exchange of money and the gratitude of the students.
  • Make tests and assessments to examine the knowledge of your students and grade them as per their performances. The tests can be created in 9 different formats.
  • With reports and analytics tools, keep a track of your performance, students’ progress, your revenue, and other factors.


           For learning about their prices on various plans, you need to contact WizIQ directly and obtain a tailor-made plan that suits all your needs and requirements! Visit the page:

3 Key Factors to Consider Before Buying An Online Learning Platform

With an array of online learning platforms to choose from, you might find yourself at crossroads. However, this choice can be made in a matter of seconds if you know what to look for in an ideal online learning platform. Here are 3 chief factors you need to consider before buying a learning management system (LMS)


Features are what sets one learning management system (LMS) apart from the other. Ask yourself two questions before buying an online learning platform;

  • What can this platform offer me ?
  • Is it beneficial to me?

          Go through all the features of the LMS that you are considering. Compare those features with other LMS’ features and decide which one has more to offer at a minimum price. Then, consider if the features are beneficial to you. If you do your research right, you may end up investing in a platform that will serve your needs in the long-run.


Once you familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of an LMS, you might think “this platform meets all my needs, I think I might invest in this”. However, take a moment and consider your long-term objectives. Just because an LMS suits your needs today, does not mean it will be appropriate for your tomorrow, or a year from now. You need to consider whether or not the LMS is scalable.

You could be satisfied with teaching a few students today, but years down the line, you might need something more than that. Perhaps a business, or expand your reach to other geographical regions and make connections with different other organizations. Does your preferred LMS meet your long-term requirements? If yes, you might have found your perfect match!

Customer Support

If you are beginning at an LMS, you may encounter countless doubts and errors. In such a case, expecting a helping hand from the customer support of the LMS is natural. But is the customer service of the said LMS available? Or do they keep you on hold for hours only to tell you that all lines are busy? Do they respond to your email within 10 minutes? Or are they not responsive at all?

These are some of the questions you need to dig the answers to while thinking of buying an LMS. The best way to know about the customer service of a platform is to read the review left by past users. These reviews might prove to be indispensable and help you in choosing the appropriate platform.


Choosing the perfect learning management system can be tricky. Needless to say, with countless LMS popping up on the internet every second, deciding which platform to choose can be troublesome. However, these 10 platforms to create and sell online courses are the best ones in the market by far. They have established themselves as veterans in the industry. Investing in any of the above-mentioned platforms will help you immensely in setting up a thriving business in online teaching.

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