10 Best Free Blogging Sites to build a Professional Looking Blog

The internet offers a plethora of opportunities to people who seek to build their own blog. But with so many options available to choose from, how to choose the best Free blogging site? How to Start a Blog for Free ?

Yes, it can be tricky. Thus, to save you the pain of testing different free blogging Platforms, we enlisted some of the famous blogging sites that can be used to build professional-looking blogs for free of cost.

With these Free Blog makers, you could build yourself a nifty looking blog in a matter of seconds and earn substantial money via blogging. So without further ado, let’s dive into understanding what these blogging sites are and what all they have to offer!

10 Best Place to Create a Blog For Free


Free WordPress blogging site

Creating a blog with WordPress is like a piece of cake, moreover you can open a blog for free. WordPress is undeniably the best website for making professional-looking blogs.

WordPress.org is an open-sourced platform that was specifically made to make use of the advantages that come with an open-sourced platform.

Approximately 35% of websites are powered by WordPress and it is easy to see why. They offer something to everyone, from absolute beginners that simply want to write and share their blogs to the business-minded amongst us. WordPress should always be on your list-of-considerations.

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Create a free blog with Wix

Wix has made a mark on the industry lately thanks to its awesome marketing strategy.

With Wix you can create a personal blog or technical blog or photo blog for free. It is an excellent platform for blogging as there is no limit to the number of pages that you can use.

But the only limitation with free version is ” you will only get 500MBs of free storage”, which may not be sufficient.

The editor that Wix offers is supremely simple to use so you do not require any coding knowledge or anything as such.

You can get creative as you get access to their image gallery, music, videos, etc. Wix is definitely worth giving a look.


Blogger is a brilliant free blogging platform for those who want to create a blog for free without investing a dime.

Blogger was purchased by Google in 2003 and thanks to that, today, it supports many useful integrations, most notably Google Drive (automatically giving you 15GB storage for free).

Blogger offers a number of attractive templates while the overall editor is very user-friendly. You can add HTML codes as well. What sells Blogger to us is the fact that it is optimized for a mobile screen and it has an anti-spam filter. Definitely worth a shot!


Tumblr Free Blogging site

Tumblr is one of best free blog site or microblogging site with more than 472 Million blog accounts. Tumblr has a very basic yet attractive layout, as most social media platforms do.

It hardly takes 30 seconds to setup a free blog on tumblr and to start posting. It is not the best platform for business-oriented blogs; it does specialize in personal ones.

However, despite that, it does allow you to integrate your blog with Google Analytics, runs ads, and also use affiliated links. Being a multi-media platform, you can easily add pictures and multiple posts. If you are looking for something easy to start with, look no further.


Weebly is hands down one of the easiest site to create an online blog for free.

Drag & Drop Editor in Weebly makes the task of publishing posts or changing the layout every easy. You can customize each part of your blog as and how you would have it and quickly.

Simply pick out a template of your choice and from there, you can start adding your personal touch to it via images, videos, links, and much more.

The blocks can only be in a certain way though that isn’t much of an issue as it only provides your site a cleaner and more organized look.



Ghost can be considered WordPress but specialized for blogging. While that is what WordPress was intended to be, currently it has evolved to be much more like Ghost focuses on software that offers users a simple, free, and minimalist setup that is easy to operate.

It is one of the best and only platforms that entirely focuses on blogging. The overall aesthetics of the site are very appealing and the editor, again, is extremely simple and effective. Just like WordPress though, you are going to have to get yourself. Sign up for the self-hosted version of Ghost and try it out.


Free blog site Medium.com

Without a question Medium is the top rated blog site to make a blog for free. Medium is perfect for a blogger that wants to interact with a whole community of fellow writers all while promoting their content.

The best way to describe Medium is to call it a social media platform for bloggers. There are several benefits to using Medium, the main one being is that it’s free.

You are not responsible for its servers and keeping it alive. Just focus on writing your content, use the editor to make your post eye-catching, and publish it to a network of people who themselves are writers or enjoy reading.


If you have questions in your mind like ” How to start a blog for free ?”, “Where to start a blog for free ?” , then my answer would be “JOOMLA”.

Joomla is the second-most popular open-sourced CMS in the world, right behind WordPress. Just like WordPress, you are going to require a domain name and hosting plan to get the best out of it.

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Joomla is a bit more advance, so those with technical knowledge would definitely be able to put their smarts to use here. It also has built-in multi-lingual support, which is fantastic if you live in a country like India, for example, where most people are bi-lingual. You can also integrate 5 extensions for additional functionality. The techies amongst you would love using Joomla.


This may come as a surprise but Linkedin is potentially one of the best websites to open a blog for free.

The tools you get are simple yet effective, ability to add images, text formatting, etc. This may not be the best platform for personal blogs but for business-oriented, it can do wonders as the users of Linkedin are mostly professionals, focused individuals, and business owners which potentially can help you create leads. It may be a hit or miss but it deserves some attention.


If you do not wish to deal with the hassle of most blogging sites, perhaps Strikingly is your friend. It is built to minimize the fuss of blog creation and helping you create a single-page site ASAP.

Pick out the template for your page, tweak things around according to your taste, and bam! All done! It has social-media tools like the ability to add a comment section, a search bar along with other features like having 5GBs of bandwidth and unlimited sites.

You can even sell a single product on your page. Just remember, you are limited to a single page.

Conclusion :

We have provided you the list free blog service providers. Creating a blog with these free blog sites is simple and you don’t need any technical knowledge.

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